Frequently Asked Questions

How Long is a lease?

The rental agreement is for a month term. The lease starts on the day you rent the space. Rent is due each month on the first of the month. The lease renews itself each month unless you give a 14-day move-out notice.

*Need your space long-term? Rent your space for six or 12 months and receive a monthly discount when paying in advance!

Do you have insurance available on stored goods?

Sorry, we no longer offer insurance. We have found it is more cost-effective to use your personal insurance companies.

When i decide to move out, what kind of notice is needed?

The rental agreement requires at least a 14-day written notice. It is best to give your notice one month prior to the move-out date. A move-out form, issued to renters at the beginning of their lease, should be filled out, signed by the renter on the lease agreement, and faxed or mailed to the property manager.

Yes; we sell locks and packing supplies at all three locations and packing supplies.

Do i need my own lock?

The lock, boxes, and other supplies, if you wish to purchase them. If you have your own lock, then there are no other upfront costs. We don't have any security deposits, administrative fees, or application fees. We don't want to nickel-and-dime you.

besides the monthly rent, are there any additional upfront costs?