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Prepare Items for Self-Storage

As you prepare to move your excess items to self-storage, make sure you have adequately prepared your items. This guide will help you effectively ready your belongings for storage while helping you stay organized throughout your task.
Have the Right Packing Supplies
You don't want to simply place all your belongings in garbage sacks for storage. You should pack for self-storage the same way you'd pack for moving. The packing supplies you need include:
  • Filler packing material
  • Boxes/clear bins
  • Marker
  • Shipping tape
  • Newspaper
  • Packing quilts
You can get these items at your local moving store or shipping company. Have all the supplies you need before you begin packing your items for transport to a storage unit for safe transport and storage of all your belongings.
Make Sure You Have Insurance
Some storage unit facilities carry insurance on their units that protect your belongings, but many do not. In either case, make sure your own homeowners or renters insurance policy will cover your items while they are in storage away from your home.
Call your insurance provider to see what type of coverage for stored items already exists under your policy. Most insurance premiums will cover theft, fire, and other types of damage but will not cover flooding.
Before placing any items in storage, make a detailed list of the items you are storing and take pictures of individual items for your insurance company. You may have a monetary limit placed on your premium for covering replacement of your storage items; you can increase this policy for an additional fee if you desire.
Choose the Right Storage Unit Facility
The right storage unit facility will have security, be it with a fenced and key coded property, on-site video surveillance, or live personnel keeping watch over storage units at all times. You want as safe a storage unit as possible for your stored items.
You also want to choose a storage unit facility that is in relatively close proximity to where you live so you have easy access to your belongings when you want to remove items from storage. Select a storage unit facility that allows you easy access to your storage unit via a drive-up space.
Have a Moving Vehicle Ready
You can rent a moving vehicle to transport all your belongings in one trip. Some storage unit facilities also offer rental vehicles or know of moving companies they can refer you to. If you are moving all your items with your own vehicle, pack your car with the heaviest or least-needed items first so these items can be placed in the back of the unit.
You may also want to rent a dolly or ramp to help you move boxes and heavier items from your home to the storage unit. You can often rent these items from the same company you get your packing supplies or rental moving vehicle from.
Pack Items in Storage Safely
Never stack heavy boxes on the top of other boxes, as doing so can cause the heavy items to crush boxes underneath. Line your belongings on either side of your storage unit, leaving a small path in the center so you have easy access all the way through your unit. If you require repeated trips to your storage unit to put all your items inside, shut and lock your unit with your own lock before you leave your unit unattended.
Self-storage is an excellent solution to keep all your belongings organized and in a safe place when you don’t want them in your home. For all your storage unit needs, rely on our services at AA Mini Warehouse and Storage.


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