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Keep Your Camping Equipment Safe in a Storage Unit

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It's always sad to see another camping season come to a close, but you can look forward to a few months of dreaming and planning next summer's adventures. The best way to get a new camping season off to a good start is to make sure that all of your supplies are ready to go by packing and storing them properly.

Keeping them in a self-storage unit is a good way to keep them dry, safe, and out of the way. Follow these tips for storing your camping supplies in a storage unit for the off-season.

Clean and Dry Everything Before You Store It

You know you need to dry the tent thoroughly before you put it away after each trip. This is even more important when the tent will be stored for a few months. If the tent has foul odors or is damp, it could be ruined when you set it up for the first time in the spring.

If you can't dry out the tent before you have to take it down at the campsite, then set the tent up at home so it can dry thoroughly before you fold it up for storage.

Besides the tent itself, you'll want to wash and dry other equipment, like the tent stakes and cooking supplies. If you don't, dirt, grime, and food will dry on the supplies and be difficult to get off in the spring.

In addition, food odors might attract bugs into your storage unit, and you don't want bugs making a home in your camp stove and other supplies.

Seal Your Supplies in Labeled Totes

Keeping your supplies organized and easy to find is beneficial for finding what you need. You may not want all of your supplies for the first few camping trips in the spring. When the bins are labeled, you'll be able to find the necessities at a glance without having to dig through summer supplies to find basic cooking equipment or flashlights.

You can keep summer items like swimming accessories in separate containers in storage until the weather turns warm and you're ready to bring all of your supplies back home. You'll appreciate that you took time to be organized when you go back to the unit in the spring.

Know What to Store at Home

It's a good practice to remove batteries from flashlights and other electronic equipment and store them at home. You may even find a use for the batteries elsewhere while the items are in storage so that the batteries won't go bad.

Also, you won't be able to store fuel in the storage unit, so find a place to store it at home or use it all before the season ends. In addition, think about whether you want to store sleeping bags.

When sleeping bags are in storage, they can develop a stale odor and the insulation can get mashed down in places. Consider if you can use the bags in your home during the winter, and if not, launder them if you can so they are clean and fresh before being sealed for storage.

Rent a Handy Storage Unit

Camping supplies can be heavy, so renting a unit you can drive up to makes it easier to move equipment back and forth. A unit that is open on weekends and late at night is handy too so that you can grab your supplies any time you need them.

Convenience is important, but so is security. You want to feel confident that your supplies will be safe. In addition, you’ll likely want to rent a smaller unit for your gear.

When you're looking for a place to keep your camping supplies during the off-season, be sure to visit AA Mini Warehouse and Storage for an affordable and secure storage unit that could be perfect for your needs.


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