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Does Your Business Need External Storage? 5 Signs It's Time

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Are you thinking about getting a self storage unit for your business? If you're feeling crowded or as though you just can't keep track of all of your things, an external self storage unit can help. Self storage units have a number of benefits, ranging from securing your items to increasing your flexibility. Here are a few questions to ask yourself before you take the plunge.

1. Do You Have Documents You Need to Keep Secure?

Many businesses need to keep confidential documents at hand. These documents could have bank information, credit information, or other personally identifiable information. A self storage unit can be secured 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This can reduce your risk. In addition to having 24/7 security, you'll also have insurance company provided by the self storage company.
There are documents that you need to limit staff access to. Some documents can only be viewed by management, while some documents are purely archival and shouldn't be viewed by anyone. Storing these documents off premises will lower the chances that employees could review them. It also reduces the chances a third-party, such as janitorial staff, could review them.

2. Are There Documents You Keep But Rarely Access?

For some industries, it's important to keep documents anywhere from three to seven years. You may have documents that you no longer need but still have to keep as required by law. You can put these documents in a storage unit where they can be kept safe until they need to be destroyed.
By filing these documents appropriately in neat and orderly boxes, you can pull them directly from storage and turn them over to a shredding company when they have expired. Keeping them organized in a self storage unit makes them easy to reference in the event that you do need to consult them later on.

3. How Much Are You Paying Per Square Foot?

If you're paying rent for your office per square foot, it's very likely that a self storage unit would be far less money. By putting items into self storage rather than keeping them in the office, you can get a cheaper, smaller office.
Self storage is something to consider any time you're thinking of moving to a new building and building out a new office. Moving your storage off-site can save you substantial money without making storage substantially more complex.

4. Are You Trying to Remain Flexible?

If you're trying to remain flexible, a self storage unit gives you the opportunity to store the bulk of your inventory and other items while you search for office space or consider moves. Even if you fail to renew your lease, you won't have to move any of the items in your self storage. This makes the entire process of changing buildings or finding a better location easier.

5. Do You Feel Crowded?

Finally, if you're simply running out of space in your offices, it may be time to get self storage. Your employees may have their productivity impeded if they have to constantly look through items and weave through stacks of documents.
There may even be items that are preventing you from upgrading your equipment; for instance, old printers, servers, and other devices that are taking up critical areas of your office. These can all be moved out and kept as backup solutions in the event that your newer equipment fails.
Ultimately, purchasing a storage unit gives you a flexible location to store and protect your additional inventory and equipment. Most storage units are both inexpensive and extremely versatile. To get a quote, contact A A Mini Warehouse & Storage.


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