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Putting Appliances in Storage? Do These Things First

It's not uncommon to place appliances in storage. Perhaps you've moved into a home that has a with a washing machine or dryer, or you have an extra refrigerator you aren't ready to part with, just in case.
Appliances you don't readily need around the home take up a lot of space and end up being expensive clutter in the home. Placing your appliances in self-storage is an ideal solution, but make sure you do the following things first to ensure your belongings stay safe and sound while they are packed away.

Clean Out Appliances

Wipe down each appliance with a damp rag to remove any dirt and debris. Refrigerators and freezers should be sprayed with a water and vinegar solution or with a cold water and bleach combo (warm water lessens bleach potency). Remember: a little bit of bleach goes a long way, and you only need perhaps a cap full for a large bucket of water to clean your appliances.
When all appliances meant for storage have been properly cleaned, place them out in the sunlight to dry, or wipe them down with a clean, dry rag. Make sure every crevice has been wiped down to prevent rusting of your appliances while they are in storage.

Use Packing Materials

Packing materials are necessary for making sure your appliances don't get bumped around while they are in transit. Pack open spaces with newspaper, old rags, sheets, and old blankets.
Blankets can also be used to secure appliances on the outside, preventing them from getting scratched or dented while you move them. Before you wrap appliances in blankets, tape all electrical cords to the outside of each unit so that you don't trip on cords or get them caught in something while you move them. Secure blankets with duct tape or packing tape so they don't slip, effectively covering your appliances like a custom sleeping bag.

Rent Moving Equipment

Large appliances will require a dolly and/or a ramp to move them effectively from your home to the storage unit. You can rent moving equipment from your local moving company, or you can ask a rep at the storage unit you'll be using for a recommendation where you can get equipment.
Don't forget to invest in a back brace for lifting heavy equipment. Back injuries are often caused by lifting heavy items, which you can prevent by using a back brace to better transfer the weight you are carrying to your legs and not your spine.

Rent a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit

Finally, rent a climate-controlled storage unit to safely house your appliances until you are ready to use them again. A climate-controlled unit allows you to manage moisture in the air that could damage your appliances. Rent a storage unit that is large enough to place your appliances in without stacking them.
If you need more than one storage unit to house all your large appliances, let your storage unit representative know you want two units side by side. Units close together allow you to store your items more quickly and efficiently and make checking on your appliances less time-consuming.
On a side note, let your homeowner's insurance agent know you are placing items in storage. Many homeowners insurance policies include protecting belongings even when they are in storage. Take pictures of each appliance along with its value for your homeowner's insurance representative to put on file.
Putting your appliances in a self-storage unit is an ideal way to protect your expensive items until you need them again. At AA Mini Warehouse and Storage, we have a variety of storage solutions for your needs. See us today to rent a unit for your appliances and other belongings.


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