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5 Organizing Tips for Your Storage Unit

Self-storage unit
Whether you’re storing business items or extra belongings for your family, sometimes the things you place in a storage unit are things you will need to or want to access. This can be hard if you haven't planned ahead to be able to retrieve or add more things as time goes on.
If you think you'll need to access your items, then here's a guide to organizing your storage unit.
1. Use Uniform Bins
Stacking and unstacking boxes not only becomes time-consuming and potentially dangerous, but it also makes things more likely to break and damage your stuff. The best way to prepare boxes for frequent access is to make them easy to maneuver and strong enough to be moved. 
Look for solid bins or boxes — possibly clear ones — in two or three different sizes or shapes. This will help you stack boxes higher and make more room in the unit, while also keeping things neatly organized.
2. Rent Larger than Necessary
For financial reasons, most people want to only pay for a storage unit of the size they expect to need for their belongings. However, don't forget that you will need to get inside and move around regularly if you need to remove stuff. You may also need space to find the right boxes or repack things. Give yourself a break and spend the extra monthly rent on a space that you can comfortably get in and out of. 
3. Create Traffic Flow
Make a plan for moving around in the storage unit. Construct aisles in order to create room to move around freely. At the least, you probably want to create aisles along the outside walls of the unit and straight through the center. If your unit is larger, you may want to create an additional aisle or two. Test your ability to reach between aisles before deciding on a layout. 
Use masking tape to lay out your aisles and test them so they are wide enough to allow a person carrying a bin to enter and exit. Depending on the layout of the unit, you may also need to create some type of workspace that you can use to organize or sort through boxes. 
4. Identify Likely Needs
Once you make a plan for how you can get things into and out of the unit, it would be helpful for you to identify what you will likely need to move. As you pack boxes or items, put the items that will likely need to be removed together or pack items by category. Place these boxes in an area near the front of the unit.
If different people will need to access their own stuff, you may want to create an easy access location for each person or category.
5. Label Everything
Any time you use storage, it's key to have a good organization system before you place things inside. Your organization system can be anything that works for you, but it often includes defining colors for different categories or using numbers to identify different types of goods or rooms. 
Whatever method works for you, be sure to label clearly on two or three sides of each bin or box. In addition, as you pack and fill the storage unit, create a master inventory list that you can hang near the entrance door. 
By planning ahead, you can design a well-organized and efficient storage unit that will make life easy when you need to remove or replace stored belongings. For more tips from storage pros, call the friendly professionals at AA Mini Warehouse and Storage today. 


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